500mm Variable speed fan

These 500mm 240V fans are variable speed so the air speed can be tailored to suit your requirements, ranging from a gentle breeze through to a small hurricane , all at the turn of a knob.

MODEL 500mm
Power Consumption (W) 851W/hr
Power Supply 240v/50hz
Noise Level (Max) 80 db @  1 metre @ Max Speed
Weight 21 kg
Air Volume 7,600 cubic meters / hour approx
Fan Speeds Variable
Dimensions (LxWxH)               345 x 840 x 820 mm

Americ VAF 3000

Technical data


Carpet Dryer Circulation Booster


MODEL Fam700  
Low Speed
Medium Speed
High Speed
Power Consumption (W)
700 950 1200
Absorbed Current (A)
3.8 4.3 5.6
240v/50hz 240v/50hz 240v/50hz
Air Volume (approx) 3400 cubic meters/hr 4900 cubic meters/hr 6200 cubic meters/hr
Fan Speeds(Revs per minute) 950 1250 1400
Net Weight (kg)
Air Speed Maximum
     27 m/s
Operating Angles
0,45,90 degrees    

24” Pedestal Fan 

These 24” pedestal fans have a 3 speed motor and can be made to oscillate, the height can be adjusted to raise it up out of harms way.

This fan 6” in line Booster fan

This 6" fan allows for extension of either hot or cold air ducts.

Model: Hyper 150
Voltage: 240V 50Hz
Air flow: 89 l/s Maximum

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